Alpha Zemerge (Micro-Economy)

What if a small amount of households decided to branch off and start their own micro-economy? To recreate a microcosm of a self-governed closed-system economy. They would have their own businesses and recreate a shared non-profit bank and a managing government. Could this microcosm evolve to something else? Is this even possible? and is it sustainable? try it out for yourself! Setup Simulation


The objective of this simulation is to recreate a simplified closed-system micro-economy for the user to witness how wealth flow carries out given the specified economic rules and parameters. The user will eventually have the ability to set initial setup parameters and rules, and then will have the ability to tweak the simulation parameters during the execution of the simulation. The end goal is to have all rules and parameters recorded in a database along with their performance ratings with respect to sustainability, efficiency, and maintaining high equality indexes. These recorded parameters along with their performance ratings would then be subjected to genetic algorithm computations where new sets of rules and parameters would coalesce to be tested out again for their performance ratings or fitness levels. Continuing this process we would be able to evaluate what (simplified) economic system approach theoretically would be the most optimal economic strategy.