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Welcome to The Zemerge Project Wiki!

For information about the project please visit the Zemerge Project blog.


About The Zemerge Project

The Zemerge Project is a computing project of applying genetic algorithms to social simulations in order to help us derive optimal evidence based social decisions.


Zemerge Project Introduction (Blog Site)

About this Wiki

Currently, the projects direction is an online campaign to unite and connect like minded individuals and organizations to spread awareness and start to develop and implement the project ideas in an open source and collaborative environment.

This Wiki serves as a knowledge base repository for all the project ideas to be collaborated on and developed upon.

You are welcomed to contribute and move the project forward!

Zemerge Project Tiers


Alpha Zemerge Projects

The first of the Alpha Zemerge Projects will be called Alpha Zemerge (Micro-Economy) (AZME) and will be my personal attempt to create a very simple prototype that is able to demonstrate the project's ideas and the conceivable feasibility of how a Zemerge Tool would function. This project was started using a flash concept interface but has been changed to use a html5 approach. The requirements on this Wiki will continuously change and alter and I welcome anyone to contribute and provide feedback.

Anyone is welcomed to start their own Alpha Zemerge Projects that demonstrate feasibility and techniques through prototyping, the only requirement is that is resembles the Zemerge project method to somewhat degree and is available for access/usage free of charge. You are welcomed to call it whatever and you can place information about it on this Wiki.

Alpha Zemerge Projects List

Beta Zemerge Projects

The Beta Zemerge Projects are defined as open source collaborative multiuser online systems that concentrate on specific organizational areas to assist decision making. These projects will require quite the extensive research and requirements as well as high contributor count in order to succeed and prosper as an open source project. This is where the wiki will come into play to plan out and gather the necessary requirements and techniques of how these projects could be developed.

Social Structures

Other ideas

The Project Goal

The goal of this project is the total integration of all simulation areas into a unified open source and perpetually evolving engine that holistically through algorithmic optimization and feedback loops is able to provide society the optimal sets of rules for social organization and direction.

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